Joe Emmons Memorial Park

(Under Construction)

  • Location: 5th St South, Springville, IA 52336
  • Emmons Park is the newest public park in Springville and is under construction.
  • In 2022, work included site preparation, clearing, grading, storm sewer installation, and east trail loop clearing.
  • Construction for 2023 includes installing sewer and water services, concrete pavement of a parking lot, and the west trail loop.
  • As funding allows, additional planned amenities include a pavilion with picnic tables and electricity, sports fields for soccer, baseball, softball, and football, a concession stand, and an inclusive playground.
  • The cost to construct the park is around $750,000. To date (12/31/2022), approximately $439,500 has been directed to construct the park:
    • $350,000 City of Springville
    • $26,000 Spring Gala (2022)
    • $22,500 Linn County Board of Supervisors Economic and Community Development Grant
    • $16,000 Springville Presbyterian Church
    • $25,000 Wendling Quarries (in-kind product)
  • The City and Friends of Springville Parks are pursuing grant funding and have a fundraising committee of community members leading these efforts.
  • Nearly $325,000 is needed to complete the construction with all the planned amenities.
  • Tax-deductible donations can be made via PayPal (scan the QR code below) or by check made to the Friends of the Springville Parks (a registered nonprofit).
  • Consider donating in memory of a special loved one or honor a life milestone (retirement, anniversary, etc.) to benefit the community forever!
  • In-kind donations of professional services and products are welcome. Please contact City Hall for more information.

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