Special Election - Voted PPEL Levy - March 7, 2023

February 21, 2023

SPECIAL ELECTION - VOTED PPEL LEVY – March 7, 2023 Dear Springville Patrons, My name is Autumn Pino, and I am the current Superintendent of Springville Community School District. I am reaching out today because we have an important vote coming up that will allow us to continue the great work we are doing for our students– and we need your help. On March 7, 2023 the Springville Community School District will be asking voters to extend the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). The current levy which was previously approved for 10 years expires June 30, 2024. The PPEL levy is a levy that can be used for a number of expenditures such as: construction and remodeling of buildings and property; purchasing property, buses, and technology equipment; and energy conservation expenditures. The levy CANNOT be used for staff salaries or supplies - those expenditures must come from a school district’s General Fund. Our district has had the voter approved PPEL for many years and a “yes” vote would simply continue the amount of funds that the district is currently receiving, it would NOT increase the current tax rate our patrons are paying. This levy requires a simple majority vote (50% plus 1) for passage. Property tax rate is limited to the equivalent of $1.34 per $1,000 of net, assessed taxable value for the Voter Approved PPEL levy. Approval of this levy would simply continue the existing PPEL tax and NOT increase the tax rate. Some items currently funded with PPEL are necessary, such as buses, technology, equipment and infrastructure needs. If these items aren’t funded with PPEL, then scarce General Fund dollars have to cover these expenses. Today, General Fund dollars are currently dedicated to instruction -supporting classrooms with teachers, textbooks, heat and lighting, and providing for the library and support staff that students need. Attached you will find additional information regarding PPEL that includes: 1) A description of allowable expenditures of the PPEL Fund, 2) prohibited uses, 3) a summary of Springville CSD’s PPEL expenditures over the last 10 years, and 4) the Fiscal Year 2023 local tax rate comparisons. Our district is committed to providing the highest quality education to the students of our district, and we hope with your help, that we are able to continue to use the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy to support the needs of our students. So, please join us for this important vote on March 7th. Thank you for your ongoing support. Please reach out to me at apino@springville.k12.ia.us if you have any additional questions or need further information about the use of these funds. With Gratitude and Excitement for our Future, Autumn Pino Autumn Pino Superintendent Springville CSD

Allowable Expenditures from the PPEL Fund: Section 298.3 https://www.legis.iowa.gov/docs/code/2022/298.3.pdf covers the allowable expenditures. Generally they include the following: Purchase and improvement of grounds ● Improvement of property ● Construction of schools, buildings and roads ● Purchase or lease purchase of equipment and technology exceeding $500 per transaction (each transaction may include multiple equipment or technology units) ● Payment of debt for schools or buildings ● Procuring or acquiring library facilities ● Repairing, remodeling, expanding, and reconstructing of existing facilities ● Expenditures for energy conservation ● Rental of facilities under 28E ● Purchase of transportation equipment for transporting students ● Purchase or lease purchase of buildings ● Equipment for recreational purposes

Prohibited Uses from the PPEL Fund: ● School district employee salaries or travel expenses ● Supplies ● Printing costs or media services ● Any other purpose not expressly authorized in this section

Summary of Springville CSD PPEL Fund Expenditures – Past 10 years: ● Security Cameras- Elementary/Secondary/PK Building ● New Roofing / Roof Coating ● Flooring – Carpet, Tile, and Asbestos Removal ● Technology Infrastructure ● Bus Cameras ● Property Purchase ● Floor Scrubber ● School Buses/Vehicles ● Tree Removal ● Maintenance Truck / Salt, Sand Spreader ● New Van Barn Structure ● Playground Equipment ● Architect Services ● Technology Services - Contracted ● Industrial Washing Machine ● Concrete Work ● New Telephone System ● Computers / Technology / Software ● Driveway Sealant/Repairs ● Window Treatments – Secondary Building Classrooms ● Fencing ● Exhaust Fans for Science Rooms ● Classroom Furniture – New Elementary ● Walk In Freezer for Foodservice ● Handheld Radio System ● Handicap Accessible Lifts – Secondary Building ● Demolition – Elementary Portable Buildings/Schwab Hall/House 160th 5th Street ● Lighting / Ballasts – Machovec Gymnasium / Practice Gymnasium / Auditorium ● Copy Machine Lease ● Girls Locker Room Showers ● Sidewalk Replacement ● Outdoor Bleachers ● Electrical Upgrades/Repairs ● HVAC System Upgrade/Repairs – Elementary ● HVAC System Upgrade/Repairs – Secondary ● New Bleachers/ Curtains – Machovec Gymnasium ● Shot Clocks for Machovec Gymnasium / Practice Gymnasium ● Sanding/Refinishing/Painting of Machovec Gymnasium Floor

  • FY23 TAX RATE COMPARISON: ● Alburnett $15.14 Linn Mar $17.35 Olin $12.37 ● Anamosa $15.25 Lisbon $17.17 Solon $16.25 ● Cedar Rapids $14.72 Marion $18.00 SPRINGVILLE $15.13 ● Center Point $17.98 Monticello $14.03 ● Central City $17.60 Mt. Vernon $17.35 ● College Comm. $16.60 North Linn $14.18
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